Illumiseen LED Dog Collars – Rechargeable

Illumiseen LED Dog Collars.

illumiseen led dog collarsIllumiseen LED dog collars are a must accesssory in the darker months. Not just so other people can see your dog, but so you can too. That could also be the other way around.

Regardless, visibility is important, more especially if your canine friend has a dark coat. This can become even more important if you have a young dog that wants to investigate the world.

And if you have a dog like mine then he is keen to investigate without adult supervision. I have always believed we should be able to let our dogs off the lead. I know some people don’t agree with that.

In my, probably limited experience, a well trained dog is better off the lead than on it. Although we do have to work hard to achieve that. You also have to understand your dog and your relationship with it.

The importance of giving your dog some freedom

Some dogs just want to see the world for themselves. That doesn’t mean they are running away, they expect you to follow.

rechargable lighted dog collarWhereas some dogs always want to know you are there.

What is the difference?

The pack instinct. The hereditary part of a dogs brain. They want to be led. But if they believe that the leadership isn’t strong enough they will challenge that.

It goes two ways though. And this is the bit you need to careful of. If they believe the leadership is strong enough they can also believe they can get away with whatever they like until you say NO!

Though it’s easier with some breeds of dogs than others; working dogs are notourisly difficult because of the nature of what they do or are bred for. They need strong leadership.

And you need to know where they are in the dark.

Case Study:

I once owned a German Shepherd. (Although for a while they were called Alsations because of the region they came from).

He was difficult and not the smartest dog in the world. He was also very big. I mean six foot big on his back legs. He was a lot bigger than me. He could put his front paws on my shoulders. (I am five foot seven by the way).

I know this because he was always pleased to see me and always knocked me over if I went away and came back. This is why we love dogs.

Was what he did a message because I hadn’t been there? Or was it just love?

Perhaps it was both…

Most experts say the average dog has an age comparable to a two year old.

But perhaps that could be more relevevant to the older dog breeds. In my own personal experience I would say nearer four or five or some of the smarter dog breeds and for many of the cross breeds.

And if you have had the time to work with them and given them attention….well…who know’s?

waterproof led dog collarHow do we choose a dog?

Perhaps we prefer the proper dog breeds. Or is it about the way we look when we walk around with them?

For me a dog has only ever been a dog. It’s allowed to do whatever it likes as long as it knows the boundaries. And knows it’s a dog.

My current dog is the smartest I have ever had. He pushes all the time. He tests.

“Are you still in charge?”

I don’t know if I will ever have another dog smarter than him. Although he is a cross-breed I do think he has a lot of Collie in him. Origanally I thought he was a cross Ridgeback, but I don’t think he is big enough for that.

Different people seem to see different things anyway. Someone once mentioned Retriever and one person once even meentioned Corgi. I don’t know about that. On the whole most people say Collie.

One of the things I have always been aware of is that I never had to actually train him, just show him what I wanted then give him a reason to want to do it. And even then he doesn’t always.

So then I have to be stronger and often shout. That’s when he starts moping about as though he gets beaten everyday; especially if there are other people around, he’s good at getting the sympathy vote.

He is always pleased to see me though and always whines if I go out without him.

But he will also run away from me outside if I let him roam free, expecting me to follow. He catches a scent and expects me to be there with him.

How do you explain that to a dog?

“Now look mate, I couldn’t even keep up with you. Let alone smell what you were chasing.”

Now, this is an important thing with dogs. They like repetition.

Walking a dog becomes so much easier if you always walk the same route everyday. Then your dog is re-investigating the things it already knows. And re-scent marking. The advantage of that is; that it is you that walks away and they have to follow.

And if you always walk at the same time you will meet the same people with other dogs. Then it becomes a social gathering of people and dogs.

Dogs need social interaction as much as we do. And I have met some very nice people just walking around the park with my dog.

If I get another dog it will be a female. They are far less trouble.

And probably not because of the reasons you think.

Illumiseen LED Dog Collars Help You Walk Your Dog In the Dark.

illumaniseen led dog collarsI will never have to run around chasing a young dog, in the dark, shouting it’s name like an insane person, if I have a female dog.

While all the other dog walkers smile and say…”you just have to keep going”  The one’s with older males or  females say that. Or the ones that never let their dog off a lead.

Females and the scent is always what my dog is most interested in. He will often sniff around a particular spot then leave his own scent.

However he will also always pee on things he wants for himself.

I remember a few years back someone had dropped half a sausage roll on the pavement. And because I wouldn’t let him eat it he pee’d on it. He does that with a lot things he believes shouldn’t be there as well.

Anything new, especially to do with food, gets pee’d on. I must emphasise that this only happens outside the house.

He does like the females. My dog seems to think he’s Don Juan.

It always reminds me of a cartoon I saw years ago when a male skunk mistakes a female cat for a female skunk. All manner of humorous mistakes occured. But he does seem to believe he is that good.

One of the women I used to walk around the local park with before I moved reckoned he fell in love everyday.

“Ohh…he’s in love again”

…as he followed his next attempted conquest with absolutely no chance of achieving his ambition.

All animals see better than humans in the dark. They hear better. They smell better.

How many two year olds do you know like that?

Or maybe that’s just me. Or maybe it’s him.

Anyway…when it’s dark

Illumiseen LED Dog Collars

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